About the Vienna International Piano Competition for Children
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  As the world music capital and the cradle of the classical music, Vienna has been the home and working place of countless musical genius. In honor of the master and to provide the children and youth a new platform to play, to communicate, to compete and to unfold their artistic talents, The International Franz Schubert Piano Competition for Children and Youth was held in Vienna. After three years of effort, the festival has been widely recognized not only in Vienna, but over Europe. In the coming year, it is renamed into Vienna International Piano Competition for Children and Youth, with a series of newly introduced activities that offer golden chances to broaden young musicians horizons, including a tour to a traditional handcrafted piano factory, as well as a grand gala concert at the world famous Golden Hall of Musikverein, a dream stage for plenty of music lovers where great musicians such as Martha Argerich and Lang Lang once performed.

  The festival provides a great chance for all participants, on their free will, to present themselves in a way of competition, through it is not the ultimate goal of the festival, with an open and fair environment. It encourages further development of young musicians. The jury is led by Prof. Manfred Wagner-Artzt and consists of a series of international renowned music experts and educators. All participants will receive a participation certificate. Golden, silver and bronze trophies will be awarded to the winner of different categories.

  Beside the competition, the participants will also get workshops held by Austrian and international music experts. Visits to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School in Vienna etc. will open the participants a new horizon and many possibilities for getting in touch with Austrian music and music facilities.

  It is said that one can smell the music notes even in the air of Vienna. Now let’s breathe the music in Vienna, be inspired by the cultures and traditions of Austria, and engage ourselves into music!

  Activities of VIPC for Children and Youth 2019

  18th July

  Workshop at Johan Sebastian Bach Music School

  A briefing section will be held focusing on remarks and preparation worth being noticed and ways to wipe out anxious feeling before competition.

  18th July

  Individual Lesson and Practice at Johan Sebastian Bach Music School

  It will proceed to individual tutoring section, which is taught by a group of professional experts of different performing style, leading, letting participants to understand well their learning process as well as enhance their confidence. Participants will then enjoy their own practice section.

  19th July

  Piano Competition at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

  The highlight of the overall event is held at the world famous music learning institute. The jury is consisted of professionals, leading by Prof. Wagner-Arzt, scoring contestants from various aspects.

  19th July

  Dinner and Party

  The Viennese Heuriger is one of the must-have experiences in Vienna, a place which serves nice food and Viennese wines. In history uncountable songs had been dedicated to them. Young musicians are able to get to know one another through the joyful and relaxing occasion.

  20th July

  Workshop and Individual Performance at MuTh Concert Hall

  The day starts off with the group master class take place at the MuTH Concert Hall, the official music hall for the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Some of the participants can perform in MuTh.

  20th July

  Rehearsal and Gala Concert at MuTh Concert Hall

  The prize presentation will follow by the performances. There are gold, silver, and bronze award for each division separately. Every participant will receive a certificate as appreciation.

  Certificates / Trophies:

  1. Each participant will be awarded a participation diploma.

  2. Prize winners of each division is classified to gold, silver, bronze and recognition accordingly.

  3. Tutors of prize winners will be awarded special certificates.

  4. The decision of the jury committee of the competition shall be deemed final.

  21st July

  Rehearsal and Gala Concert at Wiener Musikverein

  The gala concert marks a perfect end of the competition. The Wiener Musikverein is the dream place for all musicians of the world. With its significant golden hall, prize winners will be granted a chance to show their passion on the stage.

  21st July

  Visit to Bösendorf Klavierfabrik

  Participants are able to visit the manufacturing factory of the fine, devoted and traditionally handcrafted Austrian instrument brand is founded in 1828. All Bösendorf instruments are manufactured exclusively in Wiener Neustadt, and with utmost care and dedication by the hands of Bösendorfer Artisans.

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